Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer - Motion

This page allows you to control how the gesture engine detects gestures, and the sort of trails that the plugin will draw while you're performing a gesture:

Gesture button: The button to use for drawing the mouse gestures.

Note: Using the left mouse button for drawing gestures will result in the text underneath the gesture being selected.
Gesture size: The number of pixels you have to move in a particular direction before the gesture engine recognises the change. The smaller this value, the more sensitive the gesture engine
Diagonal arc: This number is a measure of how sensitive the gesture engine is to detect diagonal gestures (e.g. UpLeft). The bigger the number, the easier it is to draw diagonals.

If you don't want the gesture engine to detect diagonals, set this value to zero.
Cancel timer: If you hold the mouse still, the gesture engine waits this number of milliseconds before cancelling the gesture
Smooth corners: If this option is selected, the gesture engine will smooth corners. For example, when performing a down-right gesture, the gesture engine actually detects a down-downright-right gesture.

If the smooth corners option is enabled, the gesture engine will remove the downright component of the gesture, if the downright leg of the gesture was less than Gesture size pixels long.
Trail type: The type of trail to draw. You can choose between None, Basic and Advanced

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